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A new small business based on old values and years of experience. Gerald and Rose is a digital marketing and website development agency based in Sydney.

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Gerald and Rose

G&R as we call ourselves was formed when the founders continued to have bad experiences with other providers. Graphic Design, Social Media and Websites need to be simple, well priced and reliable. Moreover, business owners hate surprises (we know – we run small businesses!).

We love working with small business and start-ups and nothing pleases us more than watching them succeed. So that’s why we want to make digital marketing easy so business owners can get on with running their business.

Our Values

Professionalism - Gerald and Rose About Us

Professionalism for all to see

Respecting the Client - Gerald and Rose About Us

Respecting the Client

Transparency - Gerald and Rose About Us

Transparent with no surprises

Great Staff - Gerald and Rose About Us

Great staff leads to great service

Business Success - Gerald and Rose About Us

Great service leads to business success

Our Founders

David Nixon

David Nixon


Born in the country, raised by the beach, intended for city life. An engineer, scientist, entrepreneur and business advisor who spends lots of time working with not for profits. Also an avid traveller, surf loving, beer & wine lover, often found at a bar. Works hard, plays hard, starts again.

Colan Chin


A pommy by birth, Aussie by nature. An artistic and innovative creator with an eye for detail. A curious, adventurous spirit often found exploring the outdoors and nature. Also a Rescue Diver and underwater lover. When not out and about, you’ll be sure to find him at the bar, with David.

Gerald and Rose Logo - Gerald and Rose About Us


Dude is our stylish, well dressed young man who lives to support your ideas and bring them to life.

He is also our logo and mascot, often found leaning on a light bulb.

Meet the Executive Team

Eric Gutierrez

Eric Gutierrez

Marketing Manager

Born in Mexico, raised in Australia. A determined marketer fuelled with ambition, ready to take on challenges. Passionate about people, business and travel.

Steven Pascua

Steven Pascua

Senior Graphic Designer

A creative individual who has a passion for the visual arts. Aside from creating unique and original designs, he loves drinking coffee as well as playing video games.

Jake Descalso

Jake Descalso

Senior Web Developer

A coder by nature, who loves analysing and finding solutions to complex problems. In his downtime, he enjoys reading manga/manhwa and watching anime.

Donna Nixon

Events & PR Manager

Born to travel and run events. When not in her element at trade halls and corporate events, you can catch her walking or swimming the beautiful northern beaches.

Staff and Partners - Gerald and Rose About Us

Staff and Partners

We are always looking for new staff, people and businesses to work with. We love technology and new approaches to things, so feel free to reach out to us and let’s have a chat!

Our Office

While we do have a physical location in Darlinghurst and Coolangatta, we don’t really like to work in the office, so you might find us anywhere. We can chat by phone, Zoom, Meet’s, Whatsapp or any other platform that floats your boat.

Darlinghurst Office - Gerald and Rose About Us
Terms of Engagement - Gerald and Rose About Us

Standard terms of engagement

Yes we have them, cause the lawyers told us we had too. We would prefer to do the right thing so no one ever looks at them. But if you have trouble sleeping feel free to have a read of them.

Read them here