From Idea to Fully Operational in just 14 days

We had an idea and 14 days later we had a fully operational business. No joke. Well we lie, it was 12 days.

There are a lot of claims to grow your business with a golden formula. They never work. In our case it was about hard work.

So how did it all begin? Firstly we had an idea. Both the founders had poor encounters with marketing agencies.

  • Websites three months overdue
  • Social Media contractors disappearing without notice
  • Disappointing and expensive marketing experiences, that didn’t lead to solutions

After numerous attempts to get the right partners, and after a few beers, we decided to create our own. Yep that lightbulb moment. Everyone has one. But we are lucky, one of our Founders is a business growth guru, who specialises in “ideas to start-up”.


Ideas to Start-Up

Ideas to Start-up is an incredible program of Unleash Now, which works with founders to take their ideas, put them on paper, flesh them out and prepare a start-up plan. (We will work with them to support you through the business process)

So we spent some time two weekends ago mapping it out. Did we have everything completely mapped out? Absolutely not! We didn’t even have a name! But were we happy with everything else? We were over the moon.

Then on the first of July, the name jumped to us (but that’s another story) and we were all set to reach for the stars. The start of the financial year is always a good day to start a new business. (or the start of any month).

So today is 12 July and we have a fully operational business. We knew we wanted to fast track the commencement of the business. We looked around for the right tools and found some great AI tools that could create a brand in a quick period of time.


  • Registered our name “Gerald and Rose” with ASIC
  • Established our shareholder agreement
  • Opened a Bank account
  • Established our domains, social media accounts, emails and hosting accounts
  • Built our brand guide, developed a logo, business documents, social media banners and created some 100 social media posts
  • Created our website and digital presence (it’s not our permanent site, but it’s very professional and we don’t need to touch it for six months)
  • Set up our accounting system, “Xero”, our Social media Scheduler, “SocialPilot”, our document/DMS/email system, “G-Suite” and our CRM, “Excel” (it will do for the next few months)
  • Established our initial products and services, along with pricing, proposals templates and terms of engagement.


Within the 14 days we have also gained five committed clients, one that we have already undertaken 4 days of work. How we did this is currently our “secret herbs and spices”, but we will share this with our clients.

So where is the proof? Feel free to look at our company registration and the dates of our digital content.

How did we achieve this all in such a short period of time? We completed the “ideas to start-up” program and had a great business advisor. Our second founder brought ten years international marketing experience to the team and loves hard work (well when not at the gym). So our success was based on three things:


  1. Expert business and branding knowledge (we know what we are doing)
  2. Smart, strategic planning and scheduling (we plan what we are doing)
  3. Bloody hard work (work hard play hard)


PS: We wrote this on day 9, but wanted to give ourselves a bit of leeway.

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Gerald and Rose is a digital marketing and website development agency based in Surry Hills, Sydney. G&R as we call ourselves was formed when the founders continued to have bad experiences with other providers. Check out our blog on How to Choose the Best Digital Marketing Agency to see how we can help jump start your small business!

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