If you run a small business you understand how important it is to save costs where possible without sacrificing the growth of your business. This is why we have put together our TOP 5 FREE digital marketing tools you need to be using for your business. It will cover important aspects of digital marketing: Email marketing, websites, SEO, graphic design and Social media marketing.

Digital Marketing Tools

  • MailChimp: Email Marketing
  • Google Analytics: Website Performance
  • Ubersuggest: Keywords (SEO)
  • Google My Business: Business Directory (Local SEO)
  • Canva: Graphic Design & Social Media

MailChimp: Email Marketing

Mailchimp is an easy to use email marketing tool which allows you to create quick and simple marketing campaigns with their templates. Mailchimp’s free package allows you to have up to 2,000 contacts which is more than enough to begin your email marketing. Despite what you may think, email marketing continues to be one of the most effective marketing strategies. Not only is it a way to re-target your customers, but it is cost-effective, measurable and an important tool for customer relationship management. 

Free MailChimp Templates

Free MailChimp Templates

Google Analytics: Website Performance

Chances are you have a website, but do you understand how it is performing and where your traffic comes from? If not, be sure to install google analytics on your website. Here, Google will be able to tell you everything about your website visitors: Age, gender, clicks and conversions. Google Analytics is 100% free and is essential for your business website. It will help you plan a more effective digital marketing strategy and elevate your business. Learn more about Google Analytics from our last blog.

Google Analytics Home User Interface

Google Analytics Home User Interface

Ubersuggest: Keywords (SEO)

While Ubersuggest is usually a paid software, the free version still allows you to have a great overview of your website’s SEO performance. This tool, similar to SEMrush, allows you to see what keywords you are ranking for in Google’s search results. Additionally it gives you keywords suggestions. A great starting point if you want to begin optimising your website’s SEO. If you are unsure exactly what SEO entails be sure to check out our blog – SEO: What is it and what affects it?

Ubersuggest Menu

Ubersuggest Menu

Google My Business: Business Directory (Local SEO)

Particularly useful for brick and mortar businesses, Google My Business (recently rebranded to Google Business Profile) gives you the chance to put your business on the map (literally). At no cost, make a google account for your business where people searching for businesses like yours can find you easily through the google search engine and maps. This Google tool allows you to display your opening hours, business updates, images and everything you need your customers to know about your business. 

Screen Shot 2022 05 02 At 1.03.53 Pm

Google Profile Example – Reviews, Ratings, Opening Hours, Images, etc.

Canva: Graphic Design and Social Media

Graphic design and social media management services can become quite expensive for a small business so having a user-friendly tool like Canva will make sure you can implement professional social media marketing without investing thousands on professional services.. With Canva you can create social media posts with their templates or from a blank canvas. They give you access to a great variety of graphics and photos that will make your business stand out and look professional. The free version of Canva will be enough for most businesses as you get access to all the functionality. However, if you’re looking for some more stock photos and videos, the paid version is very affordable, even for small businesses. 

Canva Facebook Posts Templates

Canva Free Templates


Just like that, you can be on your way to enhancing your digital marketing practices for your business. Marketing doesn’t have to be expensive but it is essential for any business to thrive so be sure to take advantage of these free tools available for social media marketing, website SEO, and direct marketing.

 Of course these are just our favourite tools, but there are plenty more out there! Check out AlternativeTo and discover more amazing tools. If you find any that you like be sure to add it in the comment section below so we can check it out!

If you think your business is ready to take a bigger leap and begin investing in digital advertising or more advanced business marketing processes, be sure to contact us to learn more about how we can help you scale your business. 

Otherwise, be sure to check out our blog on making your business appear bigger.