When it comes to getting found by potential clients on Google search, local SEO is a crucial component. Businesses unquestionably rely largely on their Google Business Profile to bring in new clients, so if you own a small business, you’ll want to keep reading to learn about Google’s most recent change to the Google Business Profile and how to manage it. After all, you’ll need to optimise it if you want to keep showing up highly in Google local search.

What’s The New Google Business Profile?

Google has stated that the Google My Business (GMB) app would be discontinued in order to consolidate users into a single app and reduce confusion. You may no longer update your company profile on the GMB app; Google Maps and Search are the only ways to update your business profile now. 

If you search for your company name while signed into a Google account that is an owner or manager of your Google business profile, you will be able to change your listing directly from the search results. It’s a  simplified version of the GMB app and causes less confusion.


Screenshot of our search when we login into the Google account manager of Gerald and Rose Google Business Profile.

Can’t See Where to Edit Your Business Profile?

You are not logged into the business profiles manager account if you cannot see the editing options when searching for your business. Either ask the owner of the Google business profile to add you as a manager in settings, or log into the account that is the manager of the company profile to be able to manage it.

How to Add a Manager to a Google Business Profile

Have an owner of the Google business profile follow these steps:

  1. Search you business on either Google maps (mobile) or Google.com (desktop)
  2. Click on the three dots in the top right hand corner.
  3. Go to <Business Profile Settings> then <Manager> then <Add Manager>

This will send you an invitation to become a manager of the business profile. 


It’s uncommon for people not to search google for local businesses nearby, so it is important to regularly update your Google Business Profile to drive more traffic to your business. If you consistently optimise and update your listing with fresh images, videos, posts, services, special offers, goods, reviews, comments, answers to frequently asked questions, and many other things, you may raise its ranking in search results, resulting in more traffic to your website and physical store.

Now that you know Google’s recent changes, you can easily optimise your business profile from search results on a desktop or from Google Maps on your phone. Check out our top SEO tips for small businesses if you want to learn more about how to raise your Google rankings.

If you find you have very little time to optimise your business profile because you are too busy running your business, then consider looking outside your organisation for assistance. Gerald and Rose specialise in helping small and medium businesses with their digital marketing services such as websites, social media, graphic design and business services. Stop doing everything by yourself and contact us today so we can help grow your business.