Apple’s iOS14 Update has changed Facebook Advertising

If you haven’t heard already, last year Apple released their iOS14 Update with significant privacy changes. Previously, people had to manually disable app tracking from settings that most people were not even aware of. This feature meant the majority of apps were able to track users to identify their interests and behaviours which then Facebook advertisers used to tailor ads.Apple Settings Icon

However, with the recent update, iPhone users are prompted with a notification to accept or decline being tracked, which of course the majority of people have opted out of tracking for obvious reasons. Unfortunately, this has taken a toll on advertisers and many small businesses who rely on Facebook advertising as their main marketing medium. 

Additionally, data reporting has been impacted as users who opt out but convert through an ad won’t appear as a conversion thus showing incorrect campaign reporting.

So what can you do about your Facebook advertising?

  • Run a third party pixel
  • Analyse data differently
  • Website survey
  • Aggregated event
  • Facebook shop

1. Run a third party pixel.

What is interesting about the Apple update is that Facebook still gathers information about each user – the difference being that they aren’t allowed to share this information due to Apple’s privacy policy. So what is the solution for this? Using a third party pixel outside of Apple’s ecosystem can help you see information like pre-iOS14. 

There are many third-party pixels out there but one that stands out the most is Triple Whale – it’s affordable for agencies and small businesses, and it shows you data across different digital advertising platforms like Snapchat, TikTok, Facebook and more. Downside? It’s only available for Shopify e-commerce stores. 

2. Interpret data differently.

What make’s iOS14 so difficult for Facebook advertisers is that conversions that occur may not necessarily be reported – which isn’t all that bad – after all it’s better to underreport than over-report right?. After all, the end goal for your ads is profitability. 

So how should you interpret your ads then? 

A/B Tests. Were you expecting a more complicated answer? Well no, Facebook advertising isn’t rocket science (most times). Analyse your successful campaigns from the past and using similar elements create multiple campaigns and run them for at least 2 weeks. While Facebook may not record all your conversions you can still compare your campaigns relative to each other. As Albert Einstein once said – “everything is relative ”.

What is important to remember is that although tracking may not be as efficient or accurate as before, Facebook advertising remains the best way to target your audience and if you’ve had success in the past there is no reason to stop now. If your business doesn’t have experience using Facebook ads then you might consider hiring an expert. 

3. Add a post-purchase survey on your website.

Traditional marketing campaign reporting relied on surveys and digital marketers over the years have become somewhat spoiled with the great tools we have available at our disposal. If you’re only running one campaign on Facebook, surveys are a great way to measure the success of the ad.

Simply add a survey to the one below to your checkout page or lead form and you’ve got yourself more data to work with. 

“Where did you find out about us?

🔲 Facebook 🔲 Instagram 🔲Google 🔲 Friend 🔲 Local Store 🔲 Youtube 🔲 Email”

4. Verify your domain and configure web events to use aggregated event measurement.

In response to Apple’s update, Facebook’s aggregated event measurement tool allows for web events to be recorded from devices with iOS14 or later. These events include purchases, checkout, viewed content, lead form sign-ups and more. While this isn’t a complete solution to pixel tracking it does offer performed website actions which is much relief for Facebook advertisers.

Extra tip: For e-commerce stores.

Consider adding your products to the Facebook and Instagram stores. Using ad campaigns with the objective of store sales will allow you to have data on the sales coming from Facebook which will showcase accurate data. 

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