When You Can And Should Remove A Google Review

Although businesses can choose most aspects of what is shown in their Google Business Profile, the reviews section is the one part you cannot control. 

We all know how important google reviews are, after all 98% of consumers read online reviews before considering a local business. This makes Google reviews critical for businesses to get new customers.

Even if your company offers excellent customer service, one dissatisfied client may result in a negative review. While authentic negative reviews cannot be deleted, businesses must monitor their Google reviews consistently and ensure spammy reviews get flagged as soon as possible. So when can reviews be removed, and how should you go about it?

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Can You Remove A Google Review On Your Business Profile?

Businesses can’t remove reviews from their Google Business Profile. This is to stop companies from removing genuine negative evaluations left by customers who had a negative experience.

Only Google or the customer themselves can delete or amend their review. However as a Business, you are able to report disingenuous reviews and Google may remove it if they believe it goes against their policy.

When Can A Google Review Be Removed?

It’s vital to realise that not all negative reviews that your company gets qualify for removal.

You cannot ask Google to delete a review if the client genuinely felt unsatisfied with your company.

Instead, Google will only take down a review if it is against their terms of service.

For the benefit of companies, Google takes review removal seriously and considers a wide range of information to be undesirable.

Here are a few review categories that can be removed.

Harassment Reviews

“We don’t allow users to post content to harass other people or businesses, or encourage others to participate in harassment.” – Google

Additionally, it won’t allow reviews that include:

  •  offensive language or hate speech.
  • ‘Clearly and intentionally hurtful material”
  • personally identifying information 

Misleading Content

If the information does not appropriately reflect your place or product or is not based on an actual experience, it is deemed misleading. The use of false information, deceptive portrayal, or phoney participation is also deemed misleading. False evaluations are not uncommon by local competitors such that Google takes it very seriously and won’t hesitate to penalise the entities that engage in this malconduct.

Information Quality

The substance of reviews should be “based on your experience or inquiries regarding experiences at a specific location,” as per Google’s reviews policy.

Politically charged material, general rants, details on COVID-19, are just some of the content that is prohibited.

It’s also not permitted to promote a service, a commodity, or a specific company in a review.

In conclusion, definitely keep a look out for fake reviews, but keep in mind that just because your company has received negative reviews, it may not necessarily violate google’s terms of service, thus it won’t be able to be removed.

How To Flag A Review In Google Search

  • On your computer, go to Google.
  • Log into the email that manages your Google Business Account
  • Search your business on Google.
  • Click Reviews.
  • Find the review you’d like to flag.
  • Click more, report review. Then select the type of violation you want to report.

“These measures help improve people’s experiences on Google and ensure the reviews they see are authentic, relevant, and useful.” – Google

Once you have flagged a post for removal on your Google Business Profile, Google will take its time to review it. 

Note: It may take several days before you see whether or not Google deemed it necessary for removal.

What to Do About Genuine Negative Google Reviews?

Regardless of whether your company receives favourable or unfavourable feedback, it is best practise to reply to all reviews.

Responding to customer evaluations demonstrates to others that you are concerned about their experiences and want to give them the finest service possible.

Consider how you may make those dissatisfied consumers happy as well. Aside from an apology, are there any additional options you can provide? A resolution is a worthy investment that may pay off in the long run.


Be on the alert for spam reviews because they are widespread and ensure you flag them as Google has a process for handling them.

If you do get a very terrible review, don’t take it personally; instead, respond to each one individually, learn from it, and you might just be able to persuade your consumers to revise their rating.

Finally, getting positive feedback from satisfied clients will raise your average and, ideally, drown out the bad ones.

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