Everything seemed perfect when you launched, right? The colour palette, fonts and images you chose, the products you sell and the services you offer all felt aligned, but fast forward five years and you’re struggling to stick to you what you originally set out to do in business? That’s ok! If you’ve changed, grown or learnt anything in the last 5 years, it’s likely your business has, too.

Re-branding provides a business with the opportunity to re-shape their DNA, to alter their offerings, pivot their audience and move forward with focus. To execute a successful re-brand, you and your team need to be crystal clear on the good, the bad and the ugly, what your customers love (and hate), what you want the business to achieve in the next year or five, and how you’re going to achieve all these goals.

Want to get started? We’ve pulled together some key things to consider below.

Know your why

A full re-brand isn’t a small undertaking, so you’ll want to have a firm idea of why you’re embarking on the journey, what your end goal is and just what is going to make it all worth it. Branching beyond your original business offerings, breaking into new markets, dramatically raising your prices, or simply wanting to be proud of your business and its branding are all great reasons to commit to a re-brand.

More than colour

If you’ve commissioned a new logo, changed the colours on your website and called it a re-brand, we hate to break it to you, but what you’ve done is a brand re-fresh. A re-brand looks at the very core of your business, your brand values, key attributes, business offerings, tone of voice, audience and markets. Teasing out the smallest details for each of these will form the building blocks for the foundations of your new brand DNA.

Communication is key

Your audience has an expectation of how your business presents, what it offers and your style of communication. Rather than startle them with a stealth launch and brand-new look, ease it in. Explain what you’re changing, and why, what your new offerings will look like and provide some insight into where you’re going so that they can prepare, and be a part of the journey.

Feedback is your friend

You know what is working for you, but what’s working for your audience? Asking for feedback about the things that they love, hate or would like to see is a great way to ensure your followers stay engaged and are active customers in the future, as well as providing you with a suite of new

If you’re looking to re-brand your business, build a new website or overhaul your social media, then the Gerald and Rose team would love to help. Reach out today.