Managing member data, event registrations, online payments, and member communications can be a daunting task for not-for-profit organizations (NFPs). Fortunately, there are customer relationship management (CRM) software systems available that can help make this process more manageable.

In this blog, we will focus on Membership Works, a cloud-based software system designed specifically for not-for-profit organizations. We will also examine two case studies of not-for-profit organizations that have benefited from using Membership Works.

The Sydney Gay & Lesbian Business Association and the Potts Point Partnership are two NFPs that have successfully implemented Membership Works. 

Sydney Gay & Lesbian Business Association 

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The Sydney Gay & Lesbian Business Association had an old website and Salesforce CRM system that were too complicated for the size of the organization. With the help of G&R, a digital marketing agency, we developed a new website and built a member CRM based on Membership Works. The new website and member CRM system have delivered significant benefits to the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Business Association, including improved ease of use, making it easier for new members to sign up and join, and a more professional look that has attracted sponsors and enhanced the organization’s reputation.

Potts Point Partnership 

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The Potts Point Partnership is a chamber of commerce for Sydney postcode 2011, primarily supporting and growing local businesses through networking, advocacy, and promotion. They had an old website that experienced many issues and needed an agency to help manage their social media. With the help of Gerald and Rose, we developed a new website and managed their numerous social media platforms. The new website and member CRM system are easier to use, making it more convenient for members to access information and manage their membership.

In conclusion, Membership Works is an excellent option for non-profit organizations looking to manage their membership data and automate communication with members. 

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