It’s a new year and a great time to make some changes in life and in business.  Here’s some advice from our team at Gerald and Rose to help your small business succeed in 2024.

  1. Website Audit and Optimisation
  2. Content Refresh
  3. Social Media Strategy Review
  4. Social Media Content Calendar
  5. Email Marketing Plan
  6. Customer Engagement
  7. Analytics and Reporting
  8. Online Security Check
  9. Networking and Partnerships
  10. Budget and Resource Allocation

Website Audit and Optimisation

2024 Business Marketing Checklist 5

  • Actively update your website with the latest service/product details.
  • Test all links and forms for functionality. Don’t forget to update the copyright year.
  • Accelerate website performance: check loading speeds and mobile responsiveness using free/affordable tools.
  • Revamp SEO strategies to align with 2024 trends, focusing on keywords relevant to the Australian market.

Content Refresh

  • Conduct a thorough review of your site’s content. Implement updates to reflect new offerings or business changes.
  • Do you need to update staff members that have left or new ones that have joined?
  • Create and schedule several blog posts in advance. This not only saves time but also keeps your content fresh and SEO-friendly.

Social Media Strategy Review

Image2 2

  • Evaluate your 2023 social media outcomes. Craft a dynamic 2024 strategy based on these insights.
  • Pinpoint the most effective platforms for your business and concentrate on boosting your presence there.
  • Implement a content calendar to maintain consistent and engaging social media posts.

Social Media Content Calendar

  • Design a content calendar for at least Q1 of 2024.
  • Regularly schedule diverse posts that don’t age and can be scheduled.
  • Then regularly add stories, and updates to maintain audience engagement.

Email Marketing Plan

2024 Business Marketing Checklist 6

  • This needs to be aligned with business goals and other marketing platforms. 
  • Forge a robust email marketing strategy encompassing newsletters, promotional content, and personalised communication.
  • Segment your email list to target your campaigns more effectively.

Customer Engagement

  • How are you going to improve your customer engagement this year? Do you have any events planned?
  • Initiate engaging social media campaigns or contests to heighten customer interaction.
  • Promote reviews and feedback across your digital platforms.

Analytics and Reporting

  • How do you know you’re being successful? Compare marking figures for the last couple of years (or months)
  • Establish a routine for frequent analysis of website and social media analytics.
  • Leverage data insights to fine-tune your marketing strategies.

Online Security Check

  • Ensure robust security for your website and customer data. Don’t keep data that you don’t need. 
  • Stay updated with software upgrades to safeguard against vulnerabilities.
  • Ensure you have two factor authentication in place and that you regularly change your passwords. Use a password tool.

Networking and Partnerships

2024 Business Marketing Checklist 7

  • Who can you work with to ensure you both are successful? 
  • Scout for potential partnerships or networking opportunities in Australia for cross-promotion or collaboration.
  • Actively participate in local business events and industry-specific online forums.

Budget and Resource Allocation

  • Reassess and allocate your budget judiciously for digital marketing in 2024.
  • Just because it used to work doesn’t mean it still does. 
  • Consider investing in new tools or resources to amplify your online impact.

A 5 minute check of your business small business marketing can make a huge difference as it can put you in a better position for the year ahead. Gerald and Rose  provide specialist advice in creating, maintaining and improving your business’ online presence.  Contact Gerald and Rose today to discuss how we can help you in 2024.