What used to be known as Google My Business, a Google Business Profile (as Google migrates features to Maps and Search) is an important brand awareness tool for all businesses. With it you can be found on local search engines, rank higher than competitors and be chosen by more customers. However it is not just a set and forget profile. In order to get maximum results, It must be regularly updated and monitored to ensure all information is accurate, current and optimised.

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What you need to know about managing your Google Business Profile

If you don’t already have a Google Business Profile be sure to check out Google’s guide to setting up your business profile so your business can be found online by potential customers.

One of the most incorrectly specified options, but yet is one of the most important, is selecting the most appropriate category for your business. Think about how many potential buyers don’t yet know about your company; by selecting a category, and that is the most appropriate, you increase the odds that customers will find you when they conduct a search for the products or services you offer. This is particularly useful for companies whose name doesn’t necessarily convey the business.

Why Should You Update Your Google Business Profile.

To simply rank higher. In order to rise to the top of Google Maps and rank higher in local searches, you simply have to earn Google’s trust and convince them your listing is legitimate. To do this, all you need to do is use the platform; the more interactions you have, the more signals you give, the more Google trusts you; it’s that simple.

There are many perks to ranking high on Google:

Beat your competitors.

Ranking higher than your competitors will make sure you are seen first and increases your chance of being contacted over them.

Reach new people.

Google reports that 82% of people use Google to search products before making a purchase decision. Having a Google Business Profile page that is regularly updated will help your company get in front of as many potential customers as possible, regardless of whether you are an online business, have a physical store, or both. 

Inform your customers.

We all know customers hate incorrect information so just like you would use your website or social media platforms to promote your business or and post updates, Google Business Profile is the best platform to post any news or updates about your business, whether it’s a change in opening hours, services or location.

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When To Update Your Google Business Profile.

Your Google Business Profile will likely require an update or adjustment for a variety of reasons, while you don’t necessarily have to continuously feed content like you would on Instagram or Facebook, here are several reasons why you would need to update your Google Business Profile:

Transitioning or relocating your business.

Word of mouth will reach a large audience, but it won’t be able to reach everyone if you decide to move your business location. Social media announcements may reach a wider audience, but their impact will be short-lived since they will be buried behind the constant stream of fresh content. For this reason, it is essential to promptly amend your company listing to reflect any modifications. Minor moves, such as those to a different floor or suite on the same level, must still be recorded. Achieving success with internet listings and search engines relies heavily on this accuracy. So it is vital your Google business listing is updated to ensure a smooth transition for both your current and potential clients to avoid losing any of them.

Several places of business

Showcasing you have numerous locations can increase traffic to those stores, so make sure they are up-to-date and verified with appropriate information. Most importantly don’t forget to remove a listing if it is no longer in use; having customers turn up to a previous location and an empty store will only give them negative notions about your business which may even lead to bad reviews!

Google Updates

Google is always releasing updates and changes to Google Business Profile. The most recent being the deletion of Google My Business App and shift to Google Maps (read more). By having a quick look at your Google Business Profile you’ll be able to identify if there are any new features you can use to optimise your page further.

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In conclusion, updating your images, replying to reviews and posting updates to your Google Business Profile can be extremely beneficial to your business. Regularly updating the information and images in your Google Business Profile communicates to your clients that you are still in business, and regularly updating your profile will let Google know your listing is important and may push it higher in the search rankings.

So if you have been thinking about updating your Google Business Profile but haven’t, this is your sign to update it now. Take a few minutes to ensure all your information is up to date and you might just earn yourself a few customers.

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