How to choose the best digital marketing agency

With the onset of Internet technologies and social media services, businesses have started adopting online marketing strategies in a big way. The Internet has made it possible to connect with clients in ways never before imagined, and businesses are taking advantage of this medium to reach out to their target audience and engage them effectively.

Gone are the days when people would have to wait for weeks for your company brochure or newsletter; they expect faster and more dynamic responses nowadays. A good digital marketing agency will be able to help you reach new heights and build a sustainable business that will last the test of time.

There are many agencies that are claiming to be digitally savvy, but not all of them are worth your time. So how do you find out if they offer value for money?

Here are some of the important factors that will help you choose the best digital marketing agency:

1. Pricing & Packages

The first thing that you need to assess is the pricing and packages offered by the digital marketing agency.

You need to determine how much investment you want to make into your online presence and what services will be most important for your business. Depending on these factors, you should choose a package that fits your budget and suits your business needs.

Is it a one-time investment or will you want to negotiate for regular maintenance and support after the initial launch? Do you need an agency that can manage your SEO, social media marketing and content creation services? Are there any other add-on services that you might require in future? All of these factors will help you understand which package you should go for.

2. Work Culture

A digital marketing agency can make or break your brand image and business growth. It is important to choose an agency that understands the needs of your target audience, the market trends, and above all – one that will be able to deliver results effectively.

Your digital marketing agency must have an excellent work culture, and must be able to deliver quality outcomes on time. It is also important to choose an agency that will be a good cultural fit for you and your business.

You need to check if its staff members are skilled, experienced and qualified enough to handle the requirements of your project. Evaluate if they have sufficient industry experience or if they will be able to gather the needed information and data for you.

Workplace Culture - Gerald and Rose Blogs

Workplace Culture

3. Digital Marketing Strategy

You need to look into whether your digital marketing agency has its own approach towards online strategies, or whether it just implements what clients ask them to do. Check with other businesses they have worked for and check their reviews and testimonials online.

Check if they have a particular process, or whether they will employ different strategies depending on your type of business and market segment.

You should also look into the services that you actually need to grow in this digital world – for example, do you want to focus more on SEO, PPC or social media marketing? Find out what your core business objectives are and where you want to reach. If the agency is not flexible enough, it might be difficult for them to deliver successful outcomes.

4. Agency’s Reputation & Experience

The reputation of your digital marketing agency will speak volumes about its value and capabilities. You need to check if they have a good track record in delivering successful projects, and if they have a strong customer base.

A well known digital marketing agency will know how to achieve the best results for your business and also have the experience to do so.

Make sure that they are well known and established enough within the industry, by talking with people who are already using their services or doing a bit of online research yourself.

Check the quotes that other clients mention in their testimonials. What do they say about their experience of working with the agency? Are they completely satisfied with the services rendered?

5. Detailed Offer & Contract

Before you sign up on any digital marketing agency, you should look into the fine print of their offer. Check if you are getting all the services that have been promised, or whether they expect you to pay extra for additional requirements.

Find out what your payment terms are and how often you will be paying them; check if they charge a setup fee on top of the other costs. Make sure that you have a thorough and written contract that clearly mentions what services are being offered, the price and frequency of payment.

6. Marketing Expertise & Creative Solutions

Your digital marketing agency should be able to provide creative solutions for your business goals, through proven campaign strategies and plans. Before you hire any such agency, ask them how they intend to achieve success for your business, and how their approach is different from others.

You need to choose an agency that has a good understanding of digital marketing , its importance and the way it can help improve your conversions, sales or customer satisfaction levels.

7. Turnaround Time & Delivery Commitment

The best digital marketing agencies will ensure that your projects get the right amount of attention, and will deliver results within the promised timeframe.

Always see to it what kind of efforts and resources your agency is placing into each campaign; check their delivery commitment and time schedule.

Get in touch with year end goals, if at all there are any. Make sure that they are able to deliver the kind of results that you are expecting within your set time frame.

8. Agency’s Size, Location & Team Strength

The right digital marketing agency should be small enough to offer personal attention and service, but big enough not to compromise on quality. As a business owner, you need to make sure that they have a team of skilled professionals who are capable of delivering excellent results.

The team members in your agency should be able to offer you different perspectives, ideas and inputs that can help refine your business needs; they should also be available for follow-ups and support requests.

Your digital marketing team should be experienced enough to suggest new strategies, solutions or techniques that you may not have considered or implemented before.

9. Agency’s Clients & References

The agency should be able to provide you with a list of satisfied clients, along with the kind of businesses that they work in and the services they need. Make sure that they are relevant for your business model as well; if necessary, ask for their references.

Show your chosen agency some case studies of the kind of projects they have undertaken and ask how successful those campaigns were. Follow this up by asking for testimonials and quotes from their clients to see if they are really satisfied with the services rendered.

Always ensure that digital marketing agencies you are considering do not share sensitive information about their clients or their incomplete projects.

10. Plans for The Future

Digital marketing is constantly evolving, and so does every business model. Make sure that you check with the agency about their future plans and growth prospects; whether they have any new services in the pipeline or new technologies to offer to customers like yourself. Your digital agency should be capable of catering to your business growth, year after year.

11. Value Added Services

Some digital marketing agencies offer more than just SEO services; they may also include social media marketing, content marketing and paid advertising as part of their overall campaign strategy.

Think about the kind of value-added services that your agency is offering you, for the money you are spending.

12. Marketing Budgets & Price Range

Hiring a digital marketing agency requires you to spend money, therefore you need to make sure that the agency is worth your investment and offers competitive rates.

Ask them about their typical marketing budgets, and see if they can offer any discounts on larger projects or long term plans for your business.

Be sure to have a clear contract in place, detailing the agency’s obligations and the scope of their services, which forms an agreement ensuring that you are both on the same page about your marketing goals.

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